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+ Individually made espresso and cappuccino cups by Nathan Lynch
+ Part of the 2nd installment of a continuing edition series
+ All cups are numbered and come with a signed edition card
+ Pairs of cups can be stacked
Released in 2014

In July-December of 2012, Bay Area-based visual artist Nathan Lynch worked to create the perfect espresso/cappuccino cup. Still on a quest for perfection, Lynch continued his work in 2014, with the added element of colored glazing.  Each cup is made by hand (not thrown on a wheel), so the result is earnest and unique. The cups have been on display in our office in San Francisco where visitors have filled out surveys in an effort to supply vital information for making the perfect cup. Each cup is numbered and comes with a signed edition card in a "Perfect Cup" package.

Each cup is different, so unless you can come down and pick your cup out at our office, you will have to send us specific requests (or trust us with choosing your perfect cup).



Nathan Lynch was raised in Pasco, WA, an agricultural community in the shadow of Hanford Nuclear Power Plant.  The futility of this environmental contradiction gave Lynch an acute sense of location and deep appreciation for irony.  In the five formative years after graduation Lynch worked as the prop master for a local community theatre, the effects of which are still being realized in his current body of work.  His concerns for political conflict and environmental upheaval are filtered through notions of absurdity, hand fabrication and the dramatic devices of storytelling.

As a sculptor and performance artist, Lynch has made collaboration and experimentation major components of his practice. Recent projects include Dead Reckoning for Bay Area Now at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a residency with the Exploratorium and a reinterpretation of David Ireland’s Dumballs for Southern Exposure’s anniversary show, The Long Conversation.  At the University of Southern California Lynch studied with Ken Price, and later earned an MFA at Mills College with Ron Nagle.  Lynch is an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Ceramics Program at California College of the Arts.  He is represented by Rena Bransten Projects.

More of Nathan Lynch's work can be found here.

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