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Shopping bag (13"x 16")
Title: The Scene from the film Stripes that I think about every time I shop for clothes
Limited run of 500
Released in 2013

For the 2013 LA Art Book Fair, we commissioned writer and radio personality Starlee Kine to write an essay to be published on a paper shopping bag. This is the result: a finely constructed paper bag, complete with twisted paper handles, featuring Kine’s original essay printed on both sides:

The scene from the film Stripes that I think about every time I shop for clothes.

Bill Murray has just come home after losing his job as a cab driver. He is carrying a pizza. He lives in a big loft in New York, the kind that once belonged to artists or drifters or messy haired guys who didn’t know what they wanted yet. That’s the springboard for the plot of the movie, Bill Murray’s lost-ness but for me the movie was always just as much about his girlfriend who only appears in this one scene. At first she’s only wearing a button up shirt, a pair of knee high socks and underwear but then after she hears about his job, she decides that’s it, she’s done. She can’t handle his watching Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons all the time but needs someone who was going to grow and develop with her. She starts getting dressed while breaking up with him and I know it seems impossible but I’m pretty sure this scene goes on for hours, her just layering one article of clothing on after another. She puts on brown corduroys and chunky sweaters and another shirt and maybe a belt or two and then more sweaters and of course a long scarf that she’s able to wrap around the sweaters and still have it look okay and then brown cowboy pulled on, with effort, over her pants. It’s a pretty basic look, I realize now but when I was a kid, the movies I saw were at the mercy of whatever was playing on cable. I saw the Bee Gee’s Sgt. Pepper’s movie before I ever heard of the Beatles and so for my entire childhood, I thought they had come first. I saw Stripes before, say, Annie Hall and so, to me, this girl was what it meant to be young and fashionable in New York.


Starlee Kine is the host of the podcast Mystery Show. She's also a contributor to This American Life, where she once wrote break-up song with the help of Phil Collins.

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