The Thing x Levi's Made & Crafted: Moment to Moment

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Broadsheet newspaper
Released fall 2013
+ Project website: Here

Moment to Moment was a collaboration between THE THING Quarterly and Levi’s® Made & Crafted™. The project was based on visual artist Dan Graham’s interventions from the 1960s, in which he purchased advertising space in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Arts Magazine in order to create art pieces. The title comes from 19th century French poet Stéphane Mallarmé, who envisioned a three-dimensional book entitled Moment to Moment. As art historian Gwen Allen points out in her essay for our version of Moment to Moment, Mallarmé saw the book as something that would be performed, rather than read.

This project consisted of commissioned online videos, text pieces, paintings, animated gifs, photographs, and essays. Some of these pieces appeared on billboards, bus shelters and other outdoor advertising spaces in cities around the world. These public interventions proposed an alternative, more pleasing visual experience within the urban landscape and prompted viewers to take time for the good things around them. Some pieces were inserted into the paid advertising space of magazines as standalone works of art. These were pages from the Moment to Moment project, extracted and repositioned as pages in other like-minded publications. It also existed in the form of a free newspaper, also entitled Moment to Moment, which was available throughout the world in locations where one could find THE THING Quarterly and Levi's Made & Crafted. The nexus of Moment to Moment was the website, which documented and shared the entire project.

Contributors included: Starlee Kine, Geoff Dyer, Harrell Fletcher, Leslie Shows, Tao Lin, Gwen Allen, Jason Jagel, Ariana Reines, Matt Fishbeck, Dave Muller, Kota Ezawa, Anthony Discenza, Jon Rubin, Michael Bell-Smith, Susan O’Malley, Jason Kalogiros, Joe Mckay, Kristin Lucas , and SF-based artist group Will Brown.

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