Issue 14 - James Franco

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6” x 8.5” free standing table mirror
Wallet-sized photo of Brad Renfro
Handwritten text in lipstick (written by James Franco)
9.5” x 27” poster
Released spring/summer 2011

Issue 14 is by actor, writer, filmmaker and visual artist James Franco. It consists of a 6 x 8.5 inch table mirror with a wallet sized photo of the actor Brad Renfro (a contemporary of Franco’s, now deceased). The photo is set into the mirror frame and is accompanied by handwritten, lipstick* text (written on each mirror by Franco). The text reads “Brad Forever”. The issue also includes a 9.5 x 27 inch black and white fold-out poster of James receiving a carving of the word “BRAD” in his arm by tattooer Mark Mahoney.

See the limited edition switchblade we produced with James here.

*Lipstick provided by Columbia Cosmetics


James Franco is an Oscar-nominated actor, a writer, performance artist, director, dancer, roller skater, tightrope walker, short-order chef, camper, fast car driver, slow car driver, poet, daytime television actor, documentary filmmaker, amateur bird-watcher, model, fragrance model, poet lover, wizard, super villain, and film producer. His art has been exhibited at Gagosian Gallery, Pace Gallery, and the Siegfried Contemporary. His acting has been seen in museums, as well as on film, stage, and YouTube. 

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  • “It is a delicate piece on purpose...The Thing subscribers have the option of destroying this if they want. That’s the point.” - James Franco (via The New York Times, 2011)

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