Issue 15 - MacFadden & Thorpe

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24” x 36” cloth flag
Printed flag code
Released fall 2011

Issue 15 is by San Francisco-based graphic designers Brett MacFadden and Scott Thorpe. It consists of a three color flag and comes complete with a printed flag code in a triangular box. Built into the flag’s design are instructions on how to fold the flag, therefore it is a flag that stands for folding a flag.


5. Swear of allegiance to the flag; manner of delivery

The Swear of allegiance to the flag: “I swear allegiance to the Flag, of the THING QUARTERLY ISSUE 15, and to all meanings for which it bears. One flag, shining bright, with honor and valor. Forever may it wave. Amen.” The swear should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the arms crossed over the chest and fists clenched, in a dignified, but not expressly threatening, manner. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious head-dress with their right hand and place it on a nearby table or chair. Women should do this as well, but it’s not a strict requirement. If there is no chair or table nearby, or if you are standing in water, the hat may be held in one hand or the other, preferably the other. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the secret military salute as best they know how.



San Francisco-based graphic designers Brett MacFadden and Scott Thorpe have worked as MacFadden & Thorpe since 2008. They work with a breadth of clients — from corporations to individual artists — and since Issue 3.5 (Tucker Nichols) have assisted the Thing Quarterly in the packaging and presentation of Thing projects. The studio is particularly focused on custom typography and recently completed a typographic installation at the 25th International Brno Biennial. In 2009, Chronicle Books published a gift book of their lettering.

Brett and Scott have MFA’s from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Rhode Island School of Design, respectively. They currently teach at the California College of Arts (CCA), and grew up in adjacent towns in Massachusetts.

More of their work can be found here

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