Issue 18 - Mike Mills

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Soft bound book containing:
“The Fabric of Events” visual essay
2013 personal pocket calendar 
5.25” x 8.25”
Released fall 2012

Issue 18 is by American filmmaker and visual artist Mike Mills. Entitled “The Fabric of Events,” the issue is a minimalist nod to the punk rock aesthetic of the 70’s and 80’s and serves as both a 2013 pocket calendar and a brief survey of culturally relevant historical events from the last two centuries, from the invention of the telegraph in 1844 to Reagan’s assassination attempt in 1981 to Kurt Cobain’s first childhood poem in 1976.  

In the book’s introduction, Mills writes: 

Traditionally in aviation, accident investigations focus on creating a “chain of events” to understand a crash - a number of actions and their effects in a singular contiguous order. When Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, I was surprised to see the phrase “fabric of events” used - a new model that emphasized many sequences working simultaneously on different levels and directions, with and against each other to make a particular moment in time possible. The idea of a historical fabric points to a non-hierarchical, non-linear way of understanding how moments, events, laws, things external and “real,” and things internal and subjective can shape our present story of who we are and how we love and are alone, how we are controlled and attempt to be free, and our relationship to different kinds of people and plants and animals. The entries here were pulled and edited from sites like Wikipedia and The images were culled from Google image searches.

Layout and production by MacFadden & Thorpe.



Mike Mills works as a filmmaker, graphic designer and artist. As a filmmaker, Mike has completed a number of music videos, commercials, short films, documentaries, and the feature films Thumbsucker (2005) and Beginners (2011). The Architecture of Reassurance (1999), a short film he wrote and directed, was in the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Oberhausen short film festival, and The New York Museum of Modern Art's New Directors New Films.

Working in an art context, Mills has had solo exhibitions at Alleged Gallery in New York (1995-2001), Gallery Colette in Paris (1999), MU Museum in the Netherlands (2004), and Pool Gallery in Berlin (2009). He has participated in group shows at Galleria Marella in Milan (2008), and Partners & Spade in NYC (2009), and was included in the traveling exhibit Beautiful Losers (2004-2009) which toured places including the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco and the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati. In 2012, Mills took part in Transmissions LA: AV Club – Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, and he participated in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Project Los Altos in 2013.

More of his work can be seen here


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