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Experimental Jetset is an Amsterdam-based graphic design studio founded in 1997 by Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers and Danny van den Dungen. Focusing on printed matter and site-specific installations, Experimental Jetset have worked on projects for a wide variety of institutes, including Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Centre Pompidou, Dutch Post Group and Whitney Museum of American Art.

Their work has been featured in group exhibitions such as 'Graphic Design: Now in Production' (Walker Art Center, 2011) and 'Ecstatic Alphabets / Heaps of Language' (MoMA, 2012). Solo exhibitions include 'Kelly 1:1' (Casco Projects, 2002) and 'Two or Three Things I Know About Provo' (W139, 2011 / Moravian Gallery, 2012).

In 2007, a large selection of printed matter by Experimental Jetset was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art (New York). Other institutes that have collected work by Experimental Jetset include Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), SFMOMA (San Francisco), Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago), Museum für Gestaltung (Zürich), Centre National des Arts Plastiques (Paris), and Cooper Hewitt (New York).
In 2015, Roma Publications (Amsterdam) released a monograph titled 'Statement and Counter-Statement: Notes on Experimental Jetset', featuring essays by Linda van Deursen, Mark Owens, Ian Svenonius and Jon Sueda.

Between 2000 and 2013, Experimental Jetset have been teaching at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. They are currently teaching at the Werkplaats Typografie and Artez (Arnhem).

More information on Experimental Jetset can be found here.  



Amanda Ross-Ho lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work draws from a broad hierarchy of structures, mapping connectivity within the overlapping ecologies of personal and universal phenomena. Her evolving personal language combines forensic and theatrical gestures, diagramming the reflexive relationships between production, presentation, and the social contracts of viewership. Her sculpture, painting, photography, installation, and most recently, public works have been exhibited widely, nationally and internationally. 

More info on Amanda Ross-Ho can be found here.

Ken Kagami was born (1974) and presently lives and works in Tokyo. Kagami's selected past exhibitions include "Lionel Messi",Bahamas Biennale,Detroit (2016 Group Exhibition), "dog",MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (2016 Solo exhibition), "comedie concrète", MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (2015 Group exhibition), "Green", What Pipeline (organized by Puppies Puppies), Detroit (2015 Group exhibition), "Bronze works 2013-2014", MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo (2014 Solo exhibition), "The Future is Stupid", The Green Gallery, Milwaukee (2013), a two person exhibition together with Detroit based artist Scott Reeder, the solo exhibition "SPICY!!!" presented by Nadiff Gallery, Tokyo (2013) and "HELLOWIEN" Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna (2006). In 2015 Kagami presented a performance as part of the Live section of Frieze London; the performance drew an audience of more than 2000 visitors over the course of 4 days.

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